Thermal analysis of complex multi-layer printed circuit boards

Date May 19 2022

Time 11.00 am PDT - 12.00 pm PDT

Location EDA Direct

Location Address Online Webinar


Accelerate electronics design through electro-thermal co-simulation:

The complexity arising from miniaturization, increasing functionality and tighter integration of electronics systems can necessitate the use of complex multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCB), with upwards of 50 layers. This presents greater electrical, thermal and mechanical challenges for designers, especially when the devices are used in mission-critical applications, such as in the medical field, data storage, satellite systems, 5G, high performance computing (HPC), machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

This webinar will demonstrate combined electro-thermal co-simulation to account for self-heating in higher power applications, and thermo-mechanical analysis workflows for such boards using Siemens Simcenter products to improve result accuracy and increase design productivity.

What you will learn:

  • The use of a new technique to accurately model the complex copper traces within the printed circuit board without a large computational overhead.
  • How this new technique enables electro-thermal co-simulation, reducing costly design re-spins, ensuring reliability of the board and components and accelerating product design.
  • How the structural analysis of the PCB can be carried out using the calculated thermal map, ensuring mechanical reliability of the product.
  • Assess the mutual impact of Joule heating of the copper traces and the DC voltage drop within the complex PCB.


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