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Supercharge your PCB Routing with PADS Professional!

April 11, 2018
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)
Online Webinar via RingCentral/Zoom

Now the Power of Xpedition in PADS!

Until now, your choice of PCB design tools has been a frustrating compromise. High-end enterprise solutions that handle design complexity come with too much unnecessary overhead and the associated challenges of usability and cost of ownership. Desktop solutions are easier to use and have lower cost, but productivity bogs down as design complexity increases. PADS Professional provides the tools you need for the problems you have to solve:
    • Having trouble achieving aggressive PCB design schedule?
    • Current tools running out of steam on complex designs?
    • Tools keeping up with the newest PCB technology?
    • Competitors beating you to market?
    • Spending too much time cleaning up your layout before release?

The solution is PADS Professional.
It brings you the best of both worlds — based on powerful Siemens Mentor’s Xpedition technology in combination with a focus on ease of adoption, ease of learning, ease of use, and affordability. PADS Professional directly addresses your challenges and provides the tools and horsepower to solve them.

Join EDA Direct to learn about the features in the PADS Professional software and how it can improve productivity for your complex PCB design challenges.

What you will learn:
  • How to use PADS central database to setup design rules and constraints with online DRC for Class, net, groups, Pin Pairs, conditional and component rules.
  • How to setup high-speed rules for diff pairs, match lengths, max/min lengths for DDRx.
  • How to use Component Explorer and Net Explorer to view component layout and netlines for marked nets and components to reduce the time required for complete placement.
  • How to use sketch routing for complex interfaces, such as DDRx with tuning of high speed nets.
  • How to visualize and validate PCB designs as if it was already Manufactured using 2D and 3D capabilities.