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CFD Thermal Analysis for Electronics Systems

September 20, 2017
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)
Online Webinar via Zoom


Join EDA Direct for the Webinar on Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Analysis to detect, optimize, and solve thermal issues in Electronic Systems. If you have experienced the costs of product thermal failures or significant late stage design reworks based on prototype thermal testing, you will know the value of learning and applying good design practices for thermal management of electronics products in the design cycle.  CFD for electronics cooling allows engineers the means to predict airflow and temperature of electronic components earlier in the development process to ensure reliable performance in the field.

In this Webinar, we will demonstrate how to use FloTHERM.XT to build a thermal analysis model of an electronics PCB board within an electronics enclosure for thermal analysis. A cooling scenario will then be solved and results analyzed. The seminar will focus on extracting valuable information such as airflow patterns, pressure drops, and temperature distributions on the board and components. We will look at evaluating design changes and optimizing the design to improve critical component temperatures within the system.

FloTHERM.XT is a 3D CFD software that can predicts airflow and heat transfer in and around electronic equipment, including the coupled effects of conduction, convection and radiation.
FloTHERM.XT is a leader in Thermal Analysis software for the electronics industry.
FloTHERM.XT is accurate, fast, and features powerful optimization case studies and post processing functionality to help analyze and select the best solution scenario for your design.

  What You Will Learn
  • How to build a thermal analysis model of a product and review of electronics cooling challenges for different scenarios
  • How to solve and analyze the results in FloTHERM.XT
  • How to extract valuable information such as airflow pattern, pressure drop and temperature distribution
  • How to optimize the design to improve critical component temperatures
  • FloTHERM.XT can be used any PCB Design flow using standard ECAD/MCAD interface
  • How to model rotating regions such as axial and radial fans
  • How to apply electrical boundary conditions to predict Joule heating

Who Should Attend
  • Mechanical Engineers, Design Engineers
  • PCB/Layout Designers
  • PADS, Expedition, and Allegro users