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FlexRigid Board Signal Integrity Analysis and Advanced 3D Solver

June 28, 2017
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)
Online Webinar via Zoom


Flex-rigid technology is becoming more and more popular in today’s compact form factor designs. It is also getting more complex so it’s vital that modern design tools understand the unique design constructs and rules that surround flex-rigid designs. With this technology, the need for doing Signal Integrity Analysis becomes more important to minimize crosstalk and EMI issues. In some cases, modeling certain structures will be required using the 3D Full-wave Solvers for accurate analysis at Gbps in high-speed SERDES designs.

In this webinar we will introduce how to setup flex-rigid boards for Signal Integrity Analysis and how to properly define board stackup parameters to get accurate results. We will also introduce the capabilities of the 3D Full-wave Solver to model physical structures such as vias as well as critical high-speed traces which require 3D modeling for 10G+ channels.

What You Will Learn

  • How to model stackup for flex-rigid boards.
  • How to extract end-to-end nets to S-Parameter models for loss analysis
  • How to model board physical structures using the 3D Full-wave solver and use parametric analysis to create optimum structures.
  • How to setup a mixed 2D/3D simulation environment in HyperLynx

Who Should Attend

  • FPGA/ASIC Design Engineers
  • PCB Designers
  • Signal Integrity Specialists